• alona274

    I Iodat..sat woman of the world

    You touched all tasted saw a woman

    Only you had your eye

    You tried to Cl..hahbot

    And I'm so small ..

    Writing lyrics ..

    Inexperienced ..


    My hand over my words

    Want to conquer mountains

    And determine where the flag I like

    But legs shackled !! (Who as you know it)

    But fate brought

    The little girl virgin


    World's wife !! A woman full of experience,

    Asirh.btocn..ocn, was there something ...

    Did you see women of all genders, colors, shades

    And something in me touch you .... little attracted you.

    I know very well that it is exhausting ..

    Tiring and sometimes frustrating .. ..


    Be with me in this match

    Love .. touch ..abl..zo I

    And that Mrcolti..la can offer beyond

    Wisdom content ..mabr strong currents

    Beyond the strong feelings

    Beyond the call can not offer

    Mabr..msho you something that will be for you

    Some concrete ..

    You know, sometimes I feel like you disappear

    Life disconnect all ..

    Close Facebook replace von ..

    Because I know you .. "suffering"

    What is Bsbilc..lhiot me

    Compared to a world overflowing bag

    Women experience the pleasures of the world

    So .. to ... do are weary of me ....

    I'm thirsty own words

    Hungry your stories

    Truffle growing your side

    These restrictive conditions ...

    Ani..hktnh have to offer

    A new experience for you

    Something that touched him so far

    Who said that love should

    Materialize into contact ...................

    I Curator for contact ...........


    Touch is the heart of the matter is the essence .....

    Is to have fun and pleasure ................

    Hello, this is what we want to begin .......

    So I'm waiting for my beloved Sttzrfi ................

    Alona horny.

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  • slt coucuo...............

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    tres belle musique cherie

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